Creating software experiences

Tsukumogami Software is a passionate team dedicated to igniting creativity and fostering long-lasting connections through software and games.
We prioritize long-term value over fleeting trends, creating experiences that stand the test of time and foster vibrant communities.



Dice'n Goblins

Explore a mysterious dungeon in this dungeon-crawler RPG.
Fight with dice in turn based combat. Use your skills to make combos and beat bad luck. Loot, buy and upgrade your equipment to build a dice pool able to fend your foes, monsters and humans alike!



Empower Your Investments with Itako's Next-Level Portfolio Management
See your portfolio's performance and diversification come to life with Itako's clear visualizations. Gain a deeper understanding of your risk exposure and make adjustments with confidence. Itako puts you in control of your financial future.

Our team

Alice Girard Guittard

Alice is an expert in building data-intensive systems and web applications, with 6 years of experience in full-stack software development and DevOps.

Daphnée Portheault

After switching from biology to computer science, Daphnée has used her leadership and software engineering skills to help software development teams meet their objectives.